Evolution of Retailing

Distribution: A confirmed success

The quality standards set by Sophie and Didier Guillon for the design of each product, each Maison and each project necessarily call for a singularly exclusive distribution policy.

Present today in more than 50 countries through only 2,000 retailers, the Group is expanding in a spirit of harmony and favors networks that embrace the personality of its different brands. Traditionally present in perfumeries and independent SPAs, the Group has remained faithful to the most loyal among them. With growth came the need for perfectly managed aesthetic luxury and savoir-faire, embodied around the world by the SPAs by Valmont …. and quickly followed by the “Valmont for” collection, an international gallery of SPAs in five-star hotels, all dedicated to the Group's brands.

In 2016, thanks to intense expansion in department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Le Bon Marché and Lane Crawford, the Group positioned its unrivaled savoir-faire in a unique designer space: La Maison Valmont. Seamlessly combining ultimate luxury, cosmetic excellence and a culture of perfume, these boutiques are flourishing all over the world (Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vancouver) and proudly reflecting the Group's artistic vision.

A cocoon of luxury and refinement lovingly overseen by the talented Guillon family. A metamorphosis for Valmont Group, accessible to all.