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A journey to the origins of beauty

Next-generation cleansing

Valmont is reinventing the essential beauty ritual for radiant skin… with a collection of cleansers aptly named PURITY. A range of nine morphing textures, transforming the cleansing routine into a singular moment of pleasure!

PURITY targets the skin’s ecosystem, promoting a healthy and balanced microbiota thanks to Swiss glacial spring water and selected probiotics.

An expert collection that blends effectiveness, benevolence and sensory delight for the skin.

Icy Falls

An awakening to purity

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Icy Falls is a fresh and generous jelly to be massaged directly into made-up skin to voluptuously eliminate every trace of pigment.

The texture is transformed with each motion, becoming a diaphanous, scented veil to cleanse the skin of the impurities collected throughout the day.

A sensory explosion that, once rinsed off, leaves the face immaculate and the skin supple and comfortable.


Wonder Falls

An indulgent cleansing cream

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Simply wonderful ! Once it touches the skin, its velvety cream texture transforms into a fine oil, as smooth as it is rich.

Makeup and impurities disappear in seconds, revealing natural, soft and radiant skin after rinsing.


Bubble Falls

Silky makeup-removal pillow

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A bubble bath for the face, BUBBLE FALLS coats the skin like a pattering cloud. The foam, rich and dense, forms a silky cushion between the face and hands.

Formulated without sulfates to avoid altering the skin’s delicate balance, BUBBLE FALLS cleanses the epidermis without removing its natural protective film.



Comprehensive makeup removal for the eyes

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BI-FALLS is the ideal dual-phase makeup remover to erase any hint of eye makeup. Strong yet gentle, its non-oily formula tackles even the most stubborn pigments while treating the fragile skin around the eyes with sensitivity and respect.

Did you know ? Complete removal of makeup around the eyes is among the best ways to prevent a puffy and dehydrated gaze.


Aqua Falls

Droplets of freshness

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AQUA FALLS is a makeup removal water with a unique formula to leave the skin fresh and comfortable.

Applied with a cotton pad, this water delicately and effectively captures makeup and impurities that may dull the complexion.

No need to tone or rinse; AQUA FALLS is all you need for clean and perfectly balanced skin.


Fluid Falls &
Vital Falls

Timeless icons

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For fans of the milk/tonic duo tradition. Valmont’s star cleansers for more than 20 years are dawning a new look in a generous packaging, while preserving the formula that propelled them to success.

As of 2019, the iconic WHITE FALLS makeup removal milk is taking on a new name, FLUID FALLS. This fluid cleansing cream is a smooth, white, incomparably light emulsion.

An invigorating tonic, VITAL FALLS is the ideal partner for daily cleansing of the skin. It eliminates every last trace of impurity that dulls the skin’s surface.

Face Exfoliant

All-around scrub

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Weekly exfoliation does wonders for the beauty of the skin. The epidermis becomes softer, with an even texture, the skin glows and the cells can fully indulge in the sublime ingredients contained in the treatments. And yet, women often see this essential step as a chore, when they do not pass it over altogether.

FACE EXFOLIANT stands out as the perfect scrub for any skin, blending the rich smoothness of a massage cream and the exfoliating effectiveness of fine, non-irritating Quartz crystals.

The velvety texture of its cream base creates a silky, voluptuous veil that intensifies the pleasure, transforming this forgotten ritual into an eagerly awaited moment of gratification. A celebration of delight and indulgence.


Purifying Pack

Gentle purity mask

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Rubbing clay on your face: a positively primitive gesture ! To get back to the roots of beauty with 21st century comfort, Valmont created PURIFYING PACK.

Black silt, green clay, burdock and pink seaweed extract come together in PURIFYING PACK : a cleansing and purifying mask that luxuriantly absorbs impurities and refines the texture of the skin, leaving the complexion perfectly matte.

Mildly regulating the hydrolipidic film, it gently cleanses the epidermis without drying out the skin.
The complexion glows, fresh and pure.