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Venice, cradle of the art of perfumery, a city awash in splendor and mystery.

L’Arsenale, iconic setting of the Venice Biennale. A neighborhood of vibrant modernity, L’Arsenale embodies more than any other spot in Venice the union of past and present. She lets herself be carried away by this timeless bouquet.

A top note of bergamote, fresh, tart and fruity, emerges with a fierce and lively punch. Perfumers’ favorite citrus fruit, this green gold of Calabria elegantly blends with the floral notes. It forms a graceful bond with jasmine, incorporated into this composition as an absolute. Sensual and fruity aromas waft from its slender white petals.

Fresh and potent, aldehydes round out the fragrance in a joyous and sparkling surge.

Experience the high olfactive jewelry of our 100 ml Storie Veneziane fragrances
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Aldehydic floral

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