La Maison Valmont

A modern sales area, at once peaceful and luxurious, La Maison Valmont combines the recognized expertise of the Group's brands with Didier Guillon's vision – an elegant association of cubic elements in the company colors – white and gold – with chefs d’œuvres of contemporary art. They come together to make palpable the refined, modern atmosphere of spaces dedicated to each brand : Valmont, l’Elixir des Glaciers and Il Profvmo .

An urban concept, first designed and implemented in 2016 in Berlin… it has now taken root across the globe with high-profile openings in other cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vancouver. Either as stand-alone Maison or nestled in dedicated spaces in luxury shopping centers, La Maison Valmont is just beginning its international expansion, which will be making news in the coming years.

In positioning itself in opposition to the proliferation of major store chains, which leads to irregular service quality, La Maison Valmont raises the customer experience to the highest level. A laboratory of beauty, where each person is treated in the most refined manner, efficiently and with the greatest respect to find just the right products adapted to their skin.

Expert advice, complemented by the professional Valmont and L'Elixir des Glaciers treatments carried out in the comfort of intimate booths or enhanced with makeup tips By Terry on select sites. Personalized perfume consultations with Il Profvmo are also available in all boutiques.

La Maison Valmont also presents a selection of trending rare objects: jewelry or Limited Editions selected by Didier and Sophie Guillon during their travels throughout the world, such as the collection of hand-made glass creations from Murano.